Top 13 Rated Theme Party Ideas
Among College Students

If you're in need of ideas, check through this list

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1. Costume Party, Halloween party: This is a pretty standard Halloween Party idea. Have people dress up in costumes to honor the Halloween tradition or to just randomly throw a costume party. To spice things up and increase the amount of people at your party, charge a dollar or two entrance fee at the door and then use that money to pay for contests throughout the night that you can hold like "Best Costume" or "Sluttiest Dress." By doing this, you can advertise on your flyers and publicity tools that you will be giving out cash prizes for people who win.

2. CEOs And Business Hoes: This is a "professional" theme idea for a crowd of people who have long term future goals like law school, business school, medical school. Have the guys dress up in suits or ties and the girls dress up in informal dresses. You can have different names for different drinks at your party or at the bar according to your theme.

3.Martigras party: Martigras theme party is based obviously on the Marigras celebration in New Orleans. At the start of the party the men come wearing green and purple beads, every girl at the party has to earn the beads from the men and compete with each other as to which girl has the most beads at the end of the night. How do the girls earn beads? Use your imagination on that one. Usually it depends on how the crazy the party is. Everyone attending should try to wear Martigras colors which are purple and green as well as Marigras masks.

4. Drinking Games Night: This was one of my favorite parties that I attended. My friend hosted this party the week after we went to the movie theater to watch the film "Beerfest." From that movie and the buzz that was generated from it among college students, we came up with the idea of having our own "Octoberfest" of beer games at a house party in which people created teams and competed against each other in alcoholic games like "quarters" beer pong, chugging contests, monkey chug, etc. The party was a ton of fun and not only did my friend make a good deal of money, but it was considered to be one of the best parties of the year in college.

5. School Girls: This is a pretty standard and unoriginal idea that has been used countless times but always works. For some reason, girls never pass up the chance to dress up as horny school girls, wearing short skirts and buttoned blouses. The event is a lot of fun for guys as well who on occasion dress up as school kids.

6. 50's, 60s, 70s disco, 80's theme party: These ideas has been used less and less and I understand that it isn't always a cool idea to use but if used sporadically, it can make for a great party theme, not to mention it can work well for older crowds. compile a music playlist that consists enrirely of the music from the era you choose for your theme, preferably music that for the most part doesn't still get played on the radio today. You can mix in maybe a couple songs from the era that are still popular today. For 70's parties include disco music and setup a disco ball. For 80's parties compile a lot of cheesy 80's rock music. Theme music from popular movies or TV shows from that era can be randomly thrown into the playlist. Have everyone dress the way young people did in the era you choose for your theme. 80's party, big hair. 60's party, bellbottoms and hippy wear. 70's party, loud clothes, fake afros. 50's party, watch some Happydays reruns for ideas.

7. Toga Party: Toga parties originated from fraternities and sororities and are a timeless classic party theme. Toga parties involve guys and girls dressing up in a toga outfit or cloth instead of normal clothes and in some cases a leaf "laurel" on their heads in the style of ancient Greeks and Romans. Toga parties usually have a contest over who is wearing the best looking toga which can also turn into a beauty contest as well. Things like bowls of grapes make a good finishing touch. College students can design their own togas out of any fabrics or colors. It makes for a very exciting party.

8. Jungle Theme Party: The Jungle theme party theme idea originated from the song "Welcome to the jungle" when a bunch of college students decided to turn their house into a jungle with exotic plants and wildlife. Today the jungle theme pretty much has people dressing up as cavemen and cavewomen. Music from the Amazon is played. The Jungle Theme Party idea is very hard to pull off but if you prepare enough for it, people may actually think it is pretty cool. Still, I have rarely seen this party theme and unless you are really good at planning parties I would not recommend it.

9. Hawaii Lei party, Luau party: This was probably one of the best theme names that I have heard because it refers to the sexually connotation of getting "laid" as in having sex as well as the popular Hawaiian "leis" that go around your neck that everyone loves to wear. The cost of buying this Hawaii leis are pretty cheap and if you buy a few hundred of them in various colors it is a pretty sure bet that you will make your money back on them. In addition to the leis, you can really run with the Hawaii theme and serve Hawaiian food line pineapples and various Hawaiian dishes that can be found in a cookbook on the internet. You can hang up pictures of palm trees and play soft calming music similar to what the native people play in Hawaii to give that distinctive cultural feel to the party. This really isn't the type of party where people getting really drunk, rather it is the type of party that generates great social interaction between people at the party.

10. Pirate: "Arr matey!" I think we all know how pirates dress. Get an eye patch, rip your clothes, and don't worry about your hair. You'll cover it up with a bandana anyway. Make sure to stock up on the run, it's popular with the shipmates.

11. Beer Pong: The Beer Pong theme has been around for quite some time and throughout the country there are beer pong contests that occur annually. The set-up for the party requires long tables or several ping pong tables. I would recommend getting some long fold-up tables from your friends if you don't have that many just to save a lot of money on the party. Of course, you will need to buy a ton of beer and big red cups that are sold at almost any convenience store. A great idea to do is to have a giant piece of construction paper and create a bracket of teams competing against each other, similar to the NCAA tournament in college basketball. The better and fiercer that the competition gets the more interesting and lively the party will get. Beer pong can be an intense game and people love to play it, especially college students. I would recommend buying a couple of kegs for the party, depending on how many people you are expecting to come.

12. Pimps and Hoes: Men dress as pimps, women dress as hoes. Although sometimes women dress as pimps and men dress as hoes. For pimps, dress in something flashy including a flashy hat. Include some gold chains (doesn't have to be real). For Ho's dress skimpy with lots of makeup. Fake money makes good props.

13. Ladies Night: This last idea is quite interesting and I took the idea from my friend's fraternity which threw this party. His fraternity rented out a giant gymnasium, hired a DJ, put out some flyers and came up this theme of "Ladies Night." Basically, all girls are allowed into the party for free without any cover charge while the guys have to pay the cover charge. Inside the party however, both guys and girls have to pay for each drink they buy from the liquor bar set up inside. The idea behind this party is that by giving ladies free admission into the party, girls will definitely want to come to the party, especially because the party theme makes them feel special. Guys will want to come to the party as well because they know that they will be a ton of girls at the party. To spice up the party, my friend's fraternity also held various contests throughout the night such as "Best lesbian kiss" in which they gave out a cash prize of $200 to the winning two girls who made out with each other. The gymnasium that they rented out which was pretty big when there is no one inside, was packed by the end of the night and needless to say, my friend's fraternity made a huge profit throwing the party.

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