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NEW Funny Texts:
Texts From Last Night

Funny Videos: DRlVE BY INSULTS:
Christmas Massacre

Funny Videos: Video Playlist of Funny Commercials

Crazy Video: West Virginia students burning down the town after winning a football game

Jokes: You Might Be A Redneck... Very Large Compilation of Funny Redneck Jokes

Funny Videos: Passed out guy gets Launched by sling shot

Funny Videos: Mitt Romney gets prank called by an Arnold soundboard that he thinks is the California governor
While He's On Camera

Jokes: List Of Ways To
Annoy People

Funny Videos: Soccorball Blunder
If you watch this 100 times, you will still laugh

Insanity Test: Are you legaIIy insane?

Info: Top 13 Rated Theme Party Ideas Among College Students - If you're in need of ideas, check through this list

Funny Prank Videos: The Best and Most Elaborate Office Prank Ever

Instructional: Tips and Guidelines to setting up a party room, building a bar, setting up a sound system, etc.

Instructional: How to make a better version of the ice luge with your own freezer that works better than a 6 foot ice block, called the
Internal Coil Ice Luge

Games: Pac-xon
Pacman with a new twist

The Worlds LARGEST Compilation Of Funny Passed Out Pictures
The Worlds LARGEST Compilation
Of Funny Passed Out Pictures

Consists of funny pics of party shamings that include being Drawn on, Face painted, Saran wrapped, Duct taped to ceiling, Placed in funny locations while passed out, plus much much more. Consists of pics of passing out in funny ways and places including on sidewalks, roofs, bathtubs, snow piles while in underwear just to name a few.
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Funny Pictures Of Debauchery And Mayhem
Funny Pics of Various Antics
Pics of debauchery, crazy stunts, amazing feats, etc
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Funny Prank Pictures including office pranks, college pranks, car pranks, and more
Funny Pranks Photographed
Office pranks, college pranks, car pranks, etc
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Funny pictures: Owned Pwned own3d
OWNED! Pwn3d
Funny "Owned" Pics
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Funny Signs, Mishaps and Deliberate
Pictures of Funny Signs
Blunders and Deliberate

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